Terms & Conditions

General Auction Conditions of ic-auction.com


Article 1

In these Conditions the following definitions shall apply:

Seller: The person who has offered the goods for auction (contributor). The auction will be held for the account of the seller.

Buyer: The person to whom a lot has been allocated according to the highest bid at auction.

Seller and buyer are considered to have sold and bought on their own behalf. Neither is entitled to rely on a mandator.

Auctioneer: Ibrahim's Collectibles, ic-auction.com / Staatstuinwijk 3, 3600 Genk, Belgium

VAT No: BE 0701901797


Article 2

The auctioneer is not bound by any additional obligations or other obligations vis-à-vis the seller and the buyer than these included in these general conditions.


Article 3

These general conditions shall apply to all our auctions and the buyer and seller shall be deemed to have read and accepted them; they cannot invoke ignorance of these general conditions.

Article 4

All disputes shall be governed by Belgian law. Any disputes between buyers, sellers and the auctioneer shall fall under the exclusive competence of the court in Antwerp.

Article 5

The sale is made in cash and is subject to a premium of 15% plus any shipping costs, freight and insurance costs. Purchased lots will be issued only after full payment. The auctioneer is entitled to dispense with cash payments. In that case, the buyer will be sent an invoice to be paid within 10 days after the invoice date. Costs and risks associated with the buyer's chosen mode of payment are at the buyer's expense. Lots can be collected from our offices by appointment.

We do NOT accept CHEQUES !

Any fees and commissions listed here are inclusive of VAT.

The delivery of goods purchased at the auction is subject to the special provisions for taxation of the profit margin (margin scheme). VAT is non-deductible.

Article 6

At our auctions the following bid levels apply:

Lots up to €15 are subject to an increase of €1

Lots up to €30 are subject to an increase of €3

Lots up to €99 are subject to an increase of €5

Lots up to €249 are subject to an increase of €10

Lots up to €499 are subject to an increase of €20

Lots up to €999 are subject to an increase of €25

Lots up to €2499 are subject to an increase of €50

Lots up to €4999 are subject to an increase of €100

Lots up to  €9999 are subject to an increase of €200

Lots up to €19999 are subject to an increase of €250

Any bids failing to meet the reserve price shall not be accepted.

Article 7

Written bids by buyers shall be executed by the auctioneer to the best of his ability and without any additional charges in the former's interests. When two or more written bids are placed, offering the same amount, the bid received first shall take priority. If written bids differ from our bid levels, they are taken down by the auctioneer to the next lower bid level. Bids below the reserve price and bids without limit shall not be accepted. The auctioneer shall not be liable for any mistakes. The auctioneer is also entitled to deny someone access to viewing days, the auction or the assignment of a bid without giving reasons.

Article 8

The highest bidder shall be the buyer. In case of doubt or dispute between bidders or between bidders and the auctioneer during the auction, the decision of the auctioneer will be decisive. In that case, the auctioneer may assign the lot, bring it back into auction or withdraw it. The ownership of the purchased goods passes to the buyer after full payment, the risk passes to the buyer when assigned.

Article 9

The auctioneer has the right to combine or split lots, to deviate from the order of lots and to refrain from bringing certain lots into auction.

Article 10

The auctioneer describes the lots to be auctioned to the best of his ability. The auctioneer shall not be liable for any incorrect descriptions or information in respect of the buyer or the seller.

Article 11

All lots are described in the catalogue with as much detail as possible. However, the buyer is responsible, at the offered viewing occasions, to ascertain the quality and content of the offered lots. If a buyer has not personally viewed the lots at those occasions, any ensuing consequences will be at the buyer’s expense. The buyer is supposed to have seen the documents and lots at the time of the bid.

Article 12

The authenticity of the lots is guaranteed by the auctioneer. In the unlikely event that a lot turns out to be unauthentic, the relevant lot will be withdrawn by the auctioneer within 15 days of the end of the auction. The lot must be returned in the same condition as it was when it came to the table.

Article 13

All buyers who wish to place bids online will need to register on our website. Also, the buyer's email address will be verified to ensure his goodwill.

Article 14

If the invoice is not settled in full on time by the buyer, the buyer shall incur late payment interest at the rate of 2% of the outstanding amount per month or part of a month. In addition, all judicial and extrajudicial costs shall be borne by the buyer. Moreover, the auctioneer is entitled to re-auction the purchased goods at the buyer's expense and risk. All costs arising from this procedure shall be borne by the buyer.


Article 16

Payments should be made preferably via bank transfer to account number:

IBAN: BE10 0689 4398 2304


Bank: Belfius

Other payment methods are:

Paypal : add +4,5 %

Paypal: ibrahim_golgeli@hotmail.com

creditcard: add +3,5 %

WE ALSO ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCIES: Dogecoin, bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple, litecoin, and many others altcoins are accepted !!!